1:1 Life Coaching: E-mail me for a free 30-minute call to see if I am able to be of service to YOU. After our call we'll work out the terms of 1:1 coaching. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I'll help you find a new approach to life.

Through ten sessions, we together find out what more there is to life, and what it means to believe without knowing for sure. We talk about what spirituality is, about gratitude and trust. We immerse ourselves in presence and the very core of our being. We explore what it's like to be guided and in balance, and how you can use our bodies as our guides.

After these ten sessions, I guarantee you'll be in another place in your life, a place where in-depth security, magic and joy has more space.

Are you curious about what spirituality is?

Are you ready for a change?

Do you long for a guided life in balance?

Do you want to learn how the present becomes your very best partner?

Do you want to develop your spirituality? Many people today are curious about whether there is another way to live. They feel the shift that is affecting us all and the possibility of receiving non-seen guidance is a fact for many. During these 10 sessions we expolre what it is like to live a more spiritual life. We learn more about presence and being grounded, the energy of gratitude, the importance of having an inner space and being able to slow down and find some space. This includes knowledge in meditation, spiritual integrity, our chakras, the body's various signals, how to achieve balance in life, holistic healing and more.


1:1 Life coaching: E-mail me for details. 1:1 coaching is individual and we need to work out the terms together.

Individual calls (45 minutes): 85USD/85 €

A 10 session package like the one above with 10 calls (45 minutes): 750 USD/750 €

Payment is due in advance, before the session by using PayPal.

Cancellation or a change of a booked session must be notified no later than 24 hours before the session, otherwise full payment is due.

Katja Björkdahl, Certified Spiritual Coach since 2021.

Teacher's degree for Middle- & High School for English, Spanish, religion, geography and historiy since 2004.

Mother to three beautiful daughters born in 2000, 2003, 2009 and wife to Jonas.

Dog owner and breeder of working dogs (Malinois & German Shepherds) since 1993.

Horse owner during several different periods to our daughters' ponies. We currently own a high quality New Forest mare that our youngest one rides.